Semi-automatic Plane Labeling Machine

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Semi-automatic Plane Labeling Machine

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Labeling Accuracy: ± 0.5mm (excluding product label error) 
Labeling Speed: 15 to 30 / min (product size) 

Applicable Label Inner Diameter: Ø76mm 
Applicable Label Outside Diameter: Ø 240mm 
Applicable Product Length: 20mm ~ 200mm

Applicable Product Width: 20mm ~ 150mm

Applicable Product Thickness: 0.2mm ~ 120mm 
Applicable Label Length: 15mm ~ 100mm

Applicable Label Width: 15mm ~ 110mm 
Power Supply: 220V/50HZ; 
Net Weight: 41Kg 

Dimension: 850 × 410 × 720mm

Applicable Label: Label, sticker film, electronic monitoring code, bar code, etc.;


Application suck stickers labeling method to achieve labeling in various parts of the plane, such as cosmetics flat bottles, packaging, labeling and other plastic lid. 
Change the overlying standard mechanism, applicable to the uneven surface labeling, such as concave flat, circular surface labeling and so on. 
Change the rule, applicable to a variety of irregular workpiece labeling. 
Optional Tape printer or inkjet printer, print production date and batch number on the label, to achieve a code - Labeling integration. 

Reader: reading 2D codes, bar codes and other information, the establishment of a database product for product traceability.